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  1. Group assigned seating.

  2. Reduced conference ticket pricing for your group of 5 or more.

  3. Affiliate logo recognition on Latina History Day event page with a link to Affiliate website. 

  4. Logo recognition in one HOPE mass-email (10k+ recipients).

  5. Podium mention during our main stage program.


  1. Complete the Registration Form. 

    • Assign a primary point of contact with whom HOPE can correspond.

    • Provide information on your Affiliate Group.

  2. Register 5 or more attendees for Latina History Day.

  3. Affiliates must perform at least one of the following tasks a minimum of three times prior to the event (HOPE should receive mentions):
    •    Dedicated e-mail blast
    •    Website event calendar
    •    Newsletter mention
    •    Dedicated social post

  4. Follow HOPE’s social media pages: Facebook  Twitter  Instagram  LinkedIn

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The Latina History Day Conference draws hundreds of women to celebrate the historic accomplishments of Latinas and partake in forums on career, community, education, culture and so much more.

HOPE Affiliates include non-profit organizations, small businesses, or individual groups of people who come together to form a partnership with HOPE in support of Latinas. Affiliates provide a unique perspective on education, economic development, and other policy issues regarding Latinas. As a HOPE Affiliate, you will help support HOPE’s mission of empowering and advocating for the economic and political parity of Latinas.

Affiliate Registration Closed

Groups must complete the Affiliate Registration Form to receive Affiliate Benefits 


Questions? Please contact Emelly Villa at

We have moved to a new website! Please visit us at

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