Join 400 Latinas in advocating for these timely bills when HOPE takes over the Capitol on May 22, 2019 for the 25th Annual Latina Action Day!

AB 4/SB 29 



Nearly three million Californians remain uninsured. Governor Gavin Newsom has prioritized universal health coverage – the biggest impact we can have in lowering the uninsured rate is providing care to undocumented adults. By passing SB 29 (Durazo) & AB 4 (Bonta) we will expand Medi-Cal coverage to low-income, undocumented adults and increase coverage to 1.15 million more Californians.

AB 540 (Limon)

CA Dreamer Service incentive grant program

Undocumented students are at a major disadvantage because they are ineligible for federal aid. Dreamer students experience a financial aid gap three times greater than their peers. A step toward equity is AB 540 that creates a service learning stipend for eligible undocumented students.

AB 1314 (Medina & McCarthy)


Cal grant reform act

Cal Grant reform is needed now more than ever. By 2030, California will have an unmet need of 1.65 million college-educated workers. To fulfill this unmet need, we must provide student aid that addresses a student’s total cost of attendance.

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